When is the New Years Eve event?

Well, this is an easy one to start with. The event is held every year on New Years Eve. 31st of Decemeber.

What time does the event start?

We have events running all day for the kids and the evening event start from 8pm.

Do we have to have a wristband to attend?

No you don't. This is a FREE EVENT but your support is necessary for the event to continue each year & without you buying wristbands, we will not be able to run the event.

Can we bring our own alcohol to the event?

As the event is open to the public we ask that you to use the licensed bars available to you. The police are in attendance & may speak to you if you have open alcohol containers that you have not purchased from the licensed bars.

Where does the money go from the wrist bands?

The money goes into the account held by the committee and from these funds, we pay for the event to be run. Costs such as licensing, traffic management & production plus the live acts we have to perform for us each year. Any excess money is donated to local charities or is used to pay deposits the the next years event.

What if the event is cancelled?

We will do our upmost to prevent the event from being cancelled or postponed but If for any reason the event is: called off at short notice, abandoned due to adverse weather or postponed for another reason such as the Corona-Virus Pandemic, we would do out utmost to refund everyone as much as possible or all wristbands & payments would be valid for the following event.